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Painting: Self Portrait of Marcus Bolt

Self portrait: detail
(1994) Oil on canvas

Marcus Bolt
assemblages &
1974 - 2008

Painting: Trees/Snow/Sun

Trees/snow/sun (1973)
gouache and acrylic on canvas

I studied at St Albans Art School
(Foundation Year) and then at Maidstone College of Art gaining a BA. (First Class Honours) in Graphic Design. Later, I was awarded a post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) from Wall Hall college.

I began painting in gouache on card as a hobby in 1969, a year after joining Subud, a non-denominational spiritual organisation, the essence of which is a uniquely personal, received experience. The paintings at this time reflected my love of nature and were influenced by the work of Paul Klée.

In 1989, I began to paint virtually full-time, initially using typographic images, religious symbols and celebrity images. In the 90s, a penchant for assemblage developed and I was drawn inexorably to materials found on dumps and skips.

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From this work, a concept was divined, whereby that which had been abandoned as useless scrap was being re-employed, given a certain nobility and new life as ‘art’. This reflected my own ‘second chance’ through both Subud and undergoing and studying therapy.
The works carry simple, but personally meaningful titles such as ‘General’, ‘King’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Princess’ and so on.

Later, I began to paint directly on canvas again using many of the figurative motifs and spiritual symbols I had explored, developed and made my own in the earlier works.


Photograph: Marcus in His Studio Circa 1995
Marcus in his studio circa 1995