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Writing: Christmas Card Collection

There are over 50 Christmas greetings in this collection, created over the period 1967 – 2009. Most are cards for personal use, seven for my brother’s business and the rest for clients. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating, and then producing every single one.
There’s also a short essay on why I still enjoy Christmas, despite not being a church-going Christian, plus a brief description of each card or advertisement. There are a few missing – and how I regret not saving them now.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed putting it together. And a Happy Christmas to all my readers!


Covers and back page blurbs for a book on Christmas Cards, a novel (Monkey Trap) and a collection of essays (Odds and Sods). For a copy of any book, contact:


Writing: Monkey Trap

Jon Lucke is a thirty-something adman with an unhappy marriage, a failing business and a lifetime of disappointments – until he has a chance meeting with the urbane, ultra-rich Marco Brancusi...
Jon is lured into Marco’s orbit and catapulted with bewildering speed into a world of glittering success, where it seems all he has ever dreamed of is at last within his reach...
And that’s just the book-within-the-book, created by the reclusive David O’Connor...
Gradually David’s alter ego begins to see what he has lost in gaining a life of power and luxury; and when the true nature of what he’s involved in begins to unfold, he has to make some  dangerously difficult choices...
And from then on, you’re never quite sure what’s real and what’s not...
Part Faust-with-a-twist, part Hollywood-style blockbuster, Monkey Trap zips along, mingling psycho-spiritual insight with out-and-out adventure in an entertaining and thought-provoking mix.


Writing: Odds and Sods and Odds and Sods 2

Marcus Bolt was born in London's East end and, when he was twelve, his family moved to a new town in Hertfordshire, where he attended the local grammar school. Marcus went on to study at art college, leaving with a first degree in Graphic Design. He then worked alternately for design groups and as both art and primary school teacher until becoming a freelance writer and graphic artist in the nineteen-eighties.
In 1968 he joined Subud, a little known spiritual movement, and is still a member. Many of the pieces in this volume reflect on his forty-year involvement.
Marcus is married with two daughters and four grandsons and lives near Bristol. It is said that, in his spare time, he takes photographs like Art Blakey and plays drums like Cartier-Bresson.