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Writing: Saving Grace

This book is aimed at anyone who feels human existence must be more than a molecular accident; anyone who thinks that there must be other dimensions to life other than merely surviving, doing your best and dying. It’s for anyone who experiences an emptiness inside; anyone who has ever been terrified by the prospect of death with nothing beyond, and anyone terrified by the prospect that there is something beyond. It’s for anyone that has a deep-seated fear that life is passing them by; and it’s for anyone who cannot make sense of suffering, be that on a personal or worldly scale. It’s also aimed at any seeker who has so far failed to find what he or she has been searching for, and for anyone open-minded enough to try things out for themselves before committing them to the wastebin of prejudice.


Writing: Neurotec

Thirty-two short stories exploring the nature of 'life, the universe and everything'. Why are we here? What is consciousness? Is there an Absolute Being, a Creator God, and an after-life? Are there other beings out there, differently formed to us and sentient in other ways? If you're interested in asking such questions, you'll enjoy this collection of short stories replete with musings, ideas and theories, all reflecting the author's lifetime interest in metaphysics - the discipline where neuroscience, astrophysics & quantum mechanics overlap with mysticism and spirituality.


Covers and back page blurbs for a book on Subud (Saving Grace), a book of sci-fi shorts (Neurotec) plus the covers of a children's book (Jack's Friends) and a compilation of short stories (15 Writers in Subud). For a copy of any book, contact: or visit


Writing: Jacks Friends